What to Know about Spray on Foam Insulation

There are several ways to insulate a house. Some of the most popular ones are fiberglass installation and spray on foam insulation. The latter is considered the most cost-effective approach although the process requires additional equipment and professional service.

Spray on foam insulation typically combines two different materials: isocyanate and organic resin polyols that have been proven ecologically-safe and that rapidly expand when coming in contact with each other. Experts have mentioned that this is considered the most effective because spray foam goes with the sprayed space. Another reason is that it has high R-values.

The machinery used in spray foam insulation basically pumps the two materials but is difficult to get to for average consumers. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional company to do the installation process of the spray on foam insulation. The average cost is $2.25 per foot plus labor cost. It takes at least three days to finish insulating a house.

Most professional companies that install spray-on foam insulation mention that it is always best to have it placed between the dry walls and the interior home walls while the house is being built. This is because the insulation is usually installed before a wall is closed. It is highly recommended to hire an experienced person when it comes to spray foam installing because the task can be done without over spraying.

There are several benefits that a homeowner can obtain from having a spray on foam insulation installed. The most obvious advantage is monetary benefits. The savings on both heating and cooling costs are usually realized in the long run. Spray foam installation is undeniably more expensive than fiberglass installation. A typical home needs at least $13,000 to insulate with spray foam. The good thing about this is that this is a one-time payment. But once installed, a home can save at least $90 every month on heating and cooling costs. In the end, the savings will be more than the money spent on installing spray foam insulation.

Apart from monetary benefits, there are other benefits that can be obtained by installing spray on foam insulation. Spray foam has been proven to provide airtight seals between the walls. This basically means that spray foam can be utilized to fill in small spaces. The best thing about spray foam is that it is environmentally-friendly because no harmful gases such as ozone are emitted.

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