How Much Does a Nose Job Cost

Thousands of people around the world who were not happy with the shape, size or overall appearance of their noses have elected to have some form of rhinoplasty or nose job surgery performed. Over the years, this procedure has gained popularity as more and more surgeons are now able to perform it. Many people who would like to have this procedure performed are in the habit of asking, ‘How much will a nose job cost me?’

Selecting the Right Procedure and Surgeon

As with other forms of cosmetic surgery, there are various forms of nose job surgery that can be performed. Although you as the candidate may not know the differences between all of them, your plastic surgeon should. He or she will also recommend which one will be best for your particular situation as well as to achieve the specific results that you desire. It is important to select a surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty, as this will ensure that the surgery is performed according to industry standards. Although this may increase your nose job cost a little, the results will be well worthwhile in the end.

The Cheapest Option is Not Always the Best

When it comes to calculating your nose job cost, you may find yourself being tempted to shop around for various pricing structures. While this can be a good thing to do among surgeons who are reputable and experienced, you will need to remember that surgeons who offer rates that are substantially cheaper than those of their counterparts may do so because they are not registered or they may not have the experience required to perform the procedure properly. Many surgeons in Asia and Europe also claim to be able to perform these procedures at much-reduced rates. However, it is essential to check and question all references that may be offered by them.

Determining Your Nose Job Cost

During your initial consultation with your surgeon, he or she will not only explain the procedure to you, you will also be briefed on the costs that will be involved. You will need to pay the surgeon and an anesthetist for performing the procedure and you may also require a few follow-up consultations. A basic nose job cost can start anywhere from around $2,500 and end up being well over the $10,000 mark. Many reputable surgeons are willing to offer some form of payment plan to clients who cannot afford to cover the full cost of this surgery upfront.

Potential Side Effects of a Nose Job

As with any type of surgery, rhinoplasty also has its fair share of potential side effects that can be experienced. These can include feelings of numbness around the tip of the nose, pain around the site of the surgery, swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose area, infection, bursting of blood vessels, sinusitis and scarring around the site of the rhinoplasty. In most cases, pooling of blood will occur at the site of the surgery as well; however, this will subside after a few days. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication that should be used for the first week or two after the surgery as well. If these symptoms worsen or do not clear, you will need to notify your surgeon immediately.

What to Expect After Surgery

After your surgery is complete, you can expect to feel sore and somewhat drowsy. You will have a few stitches or sutures in place, as well as bandages, packing, and splints in some cases. You will normally also experience nasal drainage for the first few days after surgery. Your surgeon will ensure that pain medication is prescribed to help you sleep and be as comfortable as possible during your recovery period. In order to keep your nose in the correct position and prevent it from shifting, you will also need to ensure that you sleep on your back for the first week or two after you arrive home.

Activities to Avoid During the Healing Process

To ensure that your rhinoplasty surgery remains successful, there are a few tips and pointers to adhere to. This includes sticking to your post-surgery check-up schedule, avoiding sunlight for approximately three months after surgery, swimming, sneezing and any strenuous activities such as contact sports, intense bending and stretching exercises and any other activities that will contribute to stretching of the facial muscles. While most surgeons recommend that these activities be avoided for approximately a month after surgery, your own surgeon will advise you accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is no average cost for nose job procedures because it depends largely on the type of surgery you are having and who your surgeon is. However, once the surgery has been performed and recovery is complete, you will look forward to being able to look in the mirror and see your newly-restructured nose.

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