A Closer Look at Dog Friendly Flooring Options

One of the biggest challenges that dog owners face is ensuring that they choose the right type of flooring for the inside of their properties. While many types of flooring may look aesthetically pleasing, they may not always be as dog friendly as they would like. However, there are quite a few different options when it comes to choosing the right type of flooring that will be easy to clean and maintain, while still being practical for your furry friends to use.


This is usually one of the most popular choices for pet owners when it comes to choosing dog friendly flooring. Not only are rolls of vinyl flooring and standard vinyl floor tiles one of the most affordable solutions for dog owners; they are also one of the most practical types of flooring. Vinyl is extremely easy to clean and maintain overall and its composition means that the patter of doggy nails is kept to a minimum when your furry friends are pitter-pattering around the house. Another advantage of this type of flooring is that it can be installed in virtually any room in the house. In many cases, vinyl flooring can last for as long as 10 years if properly cared for.

Regular Wood Floors

Although the initial cost of installing proper wooden floors in a home can be expensive, they are also an excellent option when it comes to choosing dog friendly flooring. If installed correctly and maintained regularly by means of fresh varnish every 5 to 10 years, a high quality wood floor installation can last for more than 50 years – depending on the type of wood that is used. In most cases, all that is needed to keep wooden floors clean and shiny is a damp mop and a very mild cleaning solution. These floors are also a lot warmer and more pleasant underfoot for your pets than other types of flooring – not to mention easy to clean in case of pet-related ‘accidents.’

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is also an extremely popular option for anyone who may be in the market for dog friendly flooring because it is also extremely easy to clean and take care of – in most cases. However, the only downside is that in cases where water or other liquids are spilled, they need to be wiped up immediately, as failure to do so can result in the laminate boards warping and swelling – depending on the type of laminate used. The best types of laminate that should be considered for use as dog friendly flooring are wood topped and plastic/plastic coated, as these are far more resistant to water and pet damage.

Before choosing any form of dog friendly flooring, it is important to determine how much time your canine companions will be spent indoors. If they are inside for more than a few hours a day, it is recommended that vinyl or solid wood be used, as these will be the most durable choices.


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